Good Corporate Governance

The Company realizes the importance of good corporate governance is to establish a system for balance control that can improve the Company's performance and minimize the risk of mismanagement.

  • General Shareholder Meeting is the highest authority in the Company's organization.
  • The Company organization structure define functional responsibility which also applied to Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, Audit Committee and Corporate Secretary.
  • Remuneration for BOC decided in General Shareholder Meeting while Remuneration for BOD decided by BOC with authorization from General Shareholder Meeting.
  • Risk Management, the company has identified the material risk and undertaking a structure approach in managing risks.
  • Audit Committee Charter (size : 1.7 Mb)  referring to Decree of The Chairman of Capital Market Supervisory Board and Financial Institution IX.I.5 and Decree No. Kep 643/BL/2012 dated December 7, 2012 about Establishment and Implementation Guidelines for Audit Committee
  • The Company always try to supply the corporate information which are sufficient, clear, accurate, and consistent to the stakeholder through our official website